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Thread: Turbocharged D6B 44A?

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    Thumb Turbocharged D6B 44A?

    Just curious about the few turbo D6Bs that I have come across. Iím referring to the factory version; were they set to help boost HP at all altitudes or was there an optional variant? I got to haul one yesterday, and it does put out quite a bark. Didnít know if there was any increase in kitty power or not. Looks nice and impressive under the hood.

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    Thumb D6B Turbo...

    My D6B parts book lists them as for "Normalizing for Altitude Operations" 8M4455 for direct electric start and 8M6457 for pony start. I think there would be a boost in hp at low altitudes.

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    Just darn near all the Bs around here have turbos, (except the one you ended up with). If they came that way I donít know. Even if the turbo didnít make power from the factory, it wouldnít have taken the boys around this neighborhood to find the smoke screw.
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