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    hello all i'm new on the board. I'm a bored 22 year old, and i picked up a 3J D2 from my neighbor down the road (it's been sittin a looong time) and i was going to restore it in my free time, question i have is...the d2 doesen't have a dozer blade where might be a good place to find one? Can you find an aftermarket supplier that makes new attachments?? thanks

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    As far as aftermarket blades, there are many manufactures that built them over the years, but they have not built them for decades other than local welding shops building them one off.

    Blades on the west coast for D2's are few and far between compaired the amount of bare D2's you will find out here, as they were more popular out here for orchard, vineyard and other farm work.

    One of the problems you will find with the D2 is the short track frames, lack of rear counter weight unless you find a rear winch, and the biggest thing you will want for dozer operation is large diameter front idlers.

    Don't get discuraged about not finding a blade just yet. I would get started on getting it running and operating correctly first. Along the way you will run across parts machines, bone yards, and other deals.

    Try Florin Tractor, Associated Tractor, Holt of CA / Used parts, Fresno tractor ...

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    Default what he said

    Sounds good about getting your tractor running good first. Its true the D2's are really short. I just got the blade done on mine and found out how washboard they are. I am in Chico- you might want to come and try mine out before you decide to put a blade on yours. Have fun. Send me an email or pm if you are going to be in the area.

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