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Thread: Cat Parts Sources List

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    Default helpful

    Your post is very helpful in our company that I worked with. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellyube31 View Post
    Have any of you heard of Costex Tractor Parts? I heard they have over 40,000 line items specifically for caterpillar replacement parts, at over 60% less than list price.

    Check them out, They have two locations, in Miami and Dallas. Call them at 1-888-CTP-0580.
    Ameritractor-Machinery Parts Locator.

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    anybody have experience getting new clutch/brake handle grips?
    I'm guessing they're the same for different machines, but specifically need them for d7, d6, d2.

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    Just returned from Williams Field Service, Highway 2 West, Havre, Montana, 59401, with a nicely rebuilt D73T pony and some other parts. Dave Williams has acres of vintage Cat dozers, graders, and other machines, some running and for sale, many good parts machines, and bins of parts inside his large shop where he repairs anything diesel. 30 years of collecting Cats, and a Cat employee for 10 years before that. very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. loves the old machines. 406-233-8484.

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    Smile valve seats good to deal with....

    A good suppler of hard valve seats....Tucker valve seat co in Texas, Phone #(888) 362-7344....WA7OPY

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