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Thread: Need Info. on Pull Grader

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    Default Need Info. on Pull Grader

    I don’t know anything about pull graders and was hoping someone could look at the pictures and tell me something about this one and what is missing from the front end. I am hoping to get this in shape to work over the road to my house. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Cat #2 Terracer

    Hello mate, that is a very nice, complete Cat #2 Terracer. I have one in OZ, a good handy machine. There aint nothing missing from her. You might need a good jack to lift to your drawbar!, i tow mine with a RD6. Around the same era. Regards. Peter. D6 Pete

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    Thanks D6 Pete. I only have a farm tractor to pull it at this time. What kind of connection is needed to allow it to pivot properly.
    I'll be visiting OZ next month for the World Police and Fire Games in Adelaide. Hope you get some rain.
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    Default Pull grader.

    If you decide to get rid of this piece when you are done. please let me know iam looking for one to pull behind my cat 30. thanks Terry

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