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Thread: Problem with Search

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    I'm still working on the search function, and "fuel pump" brought up only two results including this thread. In working on the search database I've been occasionally clearing it which essentially means there isn't anything there to search. Once it's repopulated you'll have full search capability again, so please be patient as I'm now able to put more effort in to this now.

    The real issue appears to be the short format of entries. Example: Searching on D4, D2 etc. doesn't bring up anything but if you put in D69U or D42T you get results.

    So search "works" but it still isn't working for searches under 4 or 3 characters in length.

    As for the archives, I'm awaiting final de-activation of the old forum before tackling that project. I'm sure that's right around the corner.

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    Give it a spin...

    Did some scheduled forum maintenance this evening, part of which included rebuilding the search index, so please give the search function a try. It should work fine now, but I'm interested in any feedback or issues encoutered.



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