As U no Im a new owner of a Cat 2 Ton, non goer
Yes this is the Cat 2 Ton I won in a FREE Raffle (May B it owns me)
I'm try n to compile info on the beasts
me thinks thay Also known as Holt 15-25, Holt T35, Holt 2 Ton, Caterpillar 2 Ton
others used the 2 ton as a tool to make add on equipment like a grader by Russell N04 Motor patrol grader (any others ??)

Please correct me ifn I'm rong

Im collecting books, Brochures n pix on the 2 Ton
I have already collected 220 pix from the WEB over many years
Thanx to all th@ have contributed over the years
So any body got any pix, brochures books etc they'd like to scan n share
U could PM or email me @

Thanx in Advance