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Thread: pony to electric start - new parts source

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    Hello All
    Looking at adding a starter motor to my D6 4R but I noticed the mounting area is not smooth so I am thinking about machining it flat when I cut out the hole. I have access to a milling machine so facing it off is no problem. The question is how much can I remove to get it smooth and flat without causing mesh problems?

    Also the drawing for the D6 from Old Magnets website appears to be incorrect as it shows the inside mount bolt half an inch below center but it should be half an inch above center. The picture is from the site §wishy posted. Are the other dimensions on the drawing correct?



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    Phil, even if you take a little too much off couldn't you shim it back out to be in spec?

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    Default Electric startup in cold weather

    G'day my mate here in Australia has a cat D318 in his grader he converted it to electric start said it works great until winter. When the moter is cold you can wind her all day before she'll start. I didn't read everything but thought I'd just say to think about that

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