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Thread: D2 Front Idler

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    Default D2 Front Idler

    I need to replace a front idler that is broken. How tough is it to get the tracks apart to do this? I'm sure I can manage to replace the idler once the track is apart but I'm not sure how the tack pins come apart. Is it something I should do from home or should it be taken to a machine shop?

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    the old style master pin has tapered inserts in the ends. The center is threaded so they can be pulled--usually cork is in the threads for protection. Once the tapered plugs are remove take a driving rod and tap,tap ,tap the pins out using the biggest sledge hammer you can swing!!!
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    I would suggest using the search function up on the board toolbar to search for track pin removal for d2's and d4's. You'll find numerous threads with attached reprints on the subject of Master Pin removal.
    Its not that hard just grunt bull work.

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