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Thread: Uploading pics from computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieseldave View Post
    RC, How did you get that monster pic up there?

    I think I'll have another go
    Dieseldave - RC has posted his pic on an independent website .. .. and linked it, using the code that views the pic full size .. most independent photo websites can be linked to this BB, but some only allow thumbnails to be linked.

    The beauty of hosting your pics on another picture-hosting website, is that it saves bandwidth on this BB .. and if you link a large pic, as RC has done, it only spreads across the screen on that one posting .. it doesn't spread every posting in that thread.

    I use because it's reliable, simple, and easy to use. These picture-hosting sites are mostly based on Linux programs, thus making them very cheap to operate - we can post pics galore, without adding to Bill Gates already considerable stash ..

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    OK seems that JB fixed the problem so we try again.

    OK that worked
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