The Holt 120 HP Caterpillar

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By Jack Alexander, Black and White, Paperback, 62 pages

The development of the most powerful tractor of the first World War, the Holt’s 120 HP. Caterpillar, can be traced back to when Dr. Steiner of Budapest, Hungary ordered a Caterpillar tractor in 1911 after reading news reports on the Holt Caterpillar tractors being used in the Los Angeles Aqueduct Project. Dr. Leo Steiner became the Austrian Holt representative, purchasing 50 Caterpillars by the time war broke out in June 1914. When the war started, all shipments of Caterpillars to Steiner was stopped. Developed for Dr. Leo Steiner, the Holt 120 HP. Caterpillar tractor, was first demonstrated in August 1914 at Fremont, Nebraska. By the end of the war in November 1918, the British and American armies had received a total of 676 Holt 120 HP. Caterpillar tractors.