Business Membership - Canada/UK/Mexico

CODE: 301.22


Business Members: * Shall have a higher amount of dues than Regular members. * Business members are entitled to receive the club's Magazine, shall have full voting rights, may participate in the club's chapters and the Board's committees, and shall be entitled to purchase merchandise through the ACMOC store and show sales at the same discounts as apply to Regular members. * Business members may receive a discount on advertisements they place in the club's Magazine. The discount is limited to one advertisement per issue.   (A) No level of membership listed includes any implied right to access to the club's Internet bulletin board. The bulletin board is open to the general public and serves both the club's members and the public. No member shall be entitled to any procedural protections in connection with the termination of his privilege of using the club's bulletin board and the banning from the use thereof, whether temporary or permanent. (B) All Members...
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