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In 1951, Caterpillar acquired the Trackson Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Established in 1922, Trackson had been manufacturing side-boom pipe-laying attachments designed to specifically match Caterpillar tractors since 1936. In 1937, Trackson started supplying its "Traxcavator" cable-operated front-loading shovels for attachment to Caterpillar tractors, and eventually that model line would accommodate the D2, D4, D6, and D7 tractors. After the acquisition of Trackson, Caterpillar eventually made the loaders as a single unit from the ground up, introducing its 933C, 955C, and 977D front-end tracked loaders in 1955. These models continued, with various improvements, into the 1960s. The following table shows Caterpillar's tracked front-end loaders from 1955 to about 1960.

Model Year Introduced
HT4 1950 (ended in 1955)
No. 6 1953 (ended 1955)
933C 1955
933E 1957
933F 1958
955C 1955
955E 1958
955H - PS 1960
955F 1960
977D 1955
977E 1958
977-H - PS 1960

In addition to the tracked front-end loaders, Caterpillar developed rubber-tired wheeled loaders, which were entered the market in 1959, with its Model 944A "Traxcavator". The following year, Caterpillar introduced two more models, the 922A and the 966A. In 1963, two new models were offered, the 988 and the 966B, both of which were articulated steering wheel loaders. These were followed by the 922B (1962), the 950 (1964), the 980 (1966), the 930 and the 992 (both in 1968), and the 920 (1969).

Other Caterpillars with roots in the Trackson Company of Milwaukee were its pipelayers, essentially "crawler" tractors with booms on the side to handle pipe. Caterpillar replaced the concept of a pipelayer attachment on a crawler tractor with the industry's first integrated pipelayer machine, the No. 583 Pipelayer in 1955. The following table shows Caterpillar's pipelayers from 1955 to about 1960.

Model Year Introduced
583C 1955
572C 1957
572D 1958
561B 1959
583H-TC 1959
583-PS 1960

In 1963, Caterpillar entered the off-the-highway truck market, with the production of its 769, a 35-ton capacity truck.

In 1963, Caterpillar also entered the articulated rubber-tired wheeled bulldozer market with the 834 followed by the 824.

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