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1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #233606 by gauntjoh
Advertisements was created by gauntjoh
We have just re-introduced advertisements to the ACMOC website.
Members who are logged in will not see them.
There have been many suggestions in the past as to how we could/should differentiate on the website between financial members (those who pay their membership dues and so actually pay for the whole website and “freeloaders”, who use the website free of charge.
Suggestions have included restricting the number of posts non members can see or make, restricting access of for sale / wanted section to members, not allowing non members to start threads etc.
Well, I think that the way we have implemented adverts goes a long way to address this issue.
”Freeloaders” have to experience the adverts and so actually make a contribution to running the website through the (small) income that adverts generate for the club. Members on the other hand do not see adverts when they are logged in.
I encourage all “Freeloaders” to join our wonderful club and experience advert free access to the forum as well as all other member benefits including the new Technical Library. Membership costs from just $40 per annum and is excellent value for money!

John Gaunt, ACMOC Director, UK
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