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Made it in! Photo Test..Summer '06

16 years 19 hours ago #786 by Jack
Running the chain backward will put a lot of wear on the bushings and sprockets in a surprising short time. Better take the time to turn them around ASAP if you're planning to work it. 5J is a dandy little Cat. I got one, a 1941 model, in about 1969. That power plant hasn't missed a start in what, is it really going on 37 years? Have fun!


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15 years 11 months ago #829 by Ken1945D2
Hi Jack,
Luckily she hasn't been run like that as I see fresh track bolts in a couple of places and with no pony installed, I doubt the past owner ran it. I will turn them around for sure. Winter has arrived so not likely to get her going before spring, but ya never know. I definately caught Cat Fever:D and making a spot in the shop for it sure is tempting.
Thanks for your reply,

1939 Ford 9n
1945 Cat D25J
1955 Dodge M37 Military
1967 Bombardier SW48
1972 MF 50A Backhoe

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