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Off Topic: 98j and Mt. Hood

16 years 9 months ago #1013 by Delta Dirt

Haven't seen any recent posts from you---but have been thinking about your various pictures showing Mt. Hood in the background while, watching the current rescue efforts for the three climbers stranded up there. Thinking you commented that Mt. Hood was approximately 40 miles Northwest of one of your photos.

Your summer and springtime pictures make the big mountain look so peaceful and calm sitting out there in the background----damn sure looks treacherous in the current news reports. Looks like the area is experiencing some extremely dangerous weather right now. Just have to hope and pray for the best for those three boys. Looks like their last cell signal came from high up on one of the North approaches----gotta be tough up there.

Take care---

Delta Dirt

Delta Dirt
Avon, Ms 38723

D2 5U and other scrap iron

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