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Hi, DJCat. Cat 25 winch dis-assembly.

16 years 3 weeks ago #1720 by Deas Plant.

Hi, DJCat.
Dozie and I are trying to get the right hand rope drum off his Cat 25 winch to replace the seals, especially the inside one, which has left his drawbar all stained and dirty.

We have had one try at pulling the drum since removing all the outer 'junk', using a 10-ton Porta-Power and assorted bits of pulling gear. We ran out out of 'puff' in the Porta-Power at about the same time that our fabricated pulling beam started to bend. We can beef up the beam with no trouble but dozie would like to know if you have any clues for making this task easier - and so would I. Dozie likes doing things the hard way but I'm all for the easy way - if there is one. (I'm writing this post so I can say that.)

The 'bible' talks in terms of up to 20 tons to pull the rope drum. We can get a bigger pump and ram if needed but any other clues would be most swelcome.

Thanks in anticipation.

You have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

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