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CAT 12 80C243

1 month 2 weeks ago #230202 by Ace Flyguy
CAT 12 80C243 was created by Ace Flyguy
      I found another whole CAT 12 grader sitting in the woods while out flying one day. Went and looked at it and bought it. It is a CAT 12 80C243. The engine had not been run in a long time. it last had been pull started because the starter had a sheared off shaft. It has taken me  yr to get the ole girl out of the woods but with a Cat Excavator and a loader we got her out and onto a road. Now last yr I change fluids on her while she was still sitting in the trees. once on the road I put her in 3rd gear and started spinning the engine over with the loader pulling me. She had instant oil pressure and was puking out the mixture of ATF and WD40 I had poured down the exhaust. after a 1/2 mile she quit puking the gunk and so I threw the decompression off and she fired right up. SMOKED like crazy for a bit and then cleaned right up. had a miss on one cylinder , think its a dirty injector. Only leak was from the pressure line to the fuel pressure gauge. had a pin hole and OMG it was dust mitigation time with diesel spraying everywhere. Amazing how much fuel can be dispersed out of a pinhole. Lucky me I have another grader for parts. So got her together and running good but BUT " THE CLUTCH IS STUCK" I have graded for more than 5 hrs. now and just starting it in first gear and or reverse when I need to turn around. I am going to adjust the clutch to spec, and see if I can break her loose. If not then pull engine and repair. 

     I am still trying to figure out what yr the ole girl is Cat 12 80C243. 

     I am still looking for a D318 block and pan and crank for the wet clutch grader if anyone knows where these parts can be found. . I have a good running pony motor for trade or sale for these parts. 

Thanks guys

John Perry

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1 month 2 weeks ago #230216 by Old Magnet
Replied by Old Magnet on topic CAT 12 80C243
80C0243 is a 1956 model. Oil clutch, Direct Electric Start.

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1 month 2 weeks ago #230221 by Ace Flyguy
Replied by Ace Flyguy on topic CAT 12 80C243
OLD Magnet,
Thank you much. .
I just ordered from NC machinery in Anchorage AK new cutting edges for the moldboard. The ones on the grader look like a smiley face. Way to worn to even cut down with a torch.
Also will be going thru the dog clutches to rebuild them as I almost lost a finger from the circle control knocking my hand out of the way OUCH!!!!. I have the other bad engine grader for parts at least..


John Perry

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