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Engine Transplants?

2 months 2 days ago #231794 by trainzkid88
Replied by trainzkid88 on topic Engine Transplants?
you can have 500hp and 1200ftlb at 1200 rpm or you can have the same output at 3000rpm it all depends on the bore and stroke and in particular on what cam is used.

a bloke i know races power boats they race with a 5litre chev in a unlimited class against 6 and 7litre displacement engines and beat them why becuase of how their engine makes power and in particular torque and its mainly due to the cam they use. yes the bigger engines have higher top speed and trounce em on the straight but they beat em in the corners as they can power out of the corner quicker and harder and that is were the race is won. they have had there engine confiscated by the stewards and stripped down and measured but they havent picked the difference in the cam as it is a chev camshaft its just a very particular one. its got bad enough they told the others get stuffed your sore losers and we dont want to race anymore as its not fun due to all the wingers how if they listened could have the same thing.
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