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Anyone replaced their Button head grease fittings with Zerks Why or Why not?

1 month 3 weeks ago #239852 by G2D2
The Dewalts are a godsend never had an issue getting prime $211 on ebay right now well worth it !  

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1 month 3 weeks ago #239859 by Ray54
What blessed life I had as a kid got started using the big roller pump to fill grease guns. Much less hassle and mess than sucking out of a bucket. Just how it was done on my dads operation. But then I worked for a guy with new machines and air conditioned cabs on combine. And learned about all the mess of a open bucket of grease. After several buckets greasing his service truck, his son convinced him cartridges might be cheaper. None of my doing thankfully.

Two combines one tube of grease every morning before anything else. And before that my dads old Holt/John Deere 36b was a 130 or 140 fitting as neighbor numbered his so he got them all every time. I still don't see any reason to deal with a battery on a grease gun. If you greased them regularly they take grease. I have nerve damage in right arm and have lost much gripping power in right hand, but still no trouble squeezing the handle on a manual pistil grip grease gun. After wore a Lincoln out, I tried another Lincoln, a John Deere, and several auto parts store ones. All given away or lost in dark corner, finally a Alimite that worked well, so I got another for spare and one Lincoln leaver gun with a 2 foot pipe that is a old but good one. About 10 years ago did have trouble finding a coupling for the end that was any good. Before the locking ones where advertised everywhere like now. But after way to many that where JUNK finally NAPA auto parts had ones that worked like the old ones (stay on don't leak every time but come off without hassle).
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1 month 3 weeks ago #239860 by G2D2
I bought one of those at Napa about two weeks ago Cheaper than you can get them online and it comes with a rebuild kit only time it’s ever Leaked on a Zirk Is when I put the button head afdapter With a zirc on it lol.  I can’t wait to try the Alumite It’s an old 6000 series I hope it works good!

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1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #239871 by trainzkid88
yes as juiceman mentioned you bump the lever it releases and grease everywhere. ive had that "fun". cartridges are just so much easier. most shops that use bulk grease have a 44 gal drum with a electric or pnumatic driven pump and a hose reel clip the coupler on and pull the trigger you only have a hose to get snagged on everything that its guaranteed to find. but no mess phaffing round with grease guns and tubs of grease. some even have the hoist frame to lift the pump in and out of the drum for changeover.

dad used to get a 5kg tub of grease from the workshop to carry with him so he could grease the turntable and skid plate faces with fresh grease as needed. becuase it was often forgotten during trailer servicing. and no those greases turntable plates dont work for long in australian conditions even on sealed roads you soon need to add grease as they stop working and start to peel off. we have 2 guns that bulk load do they get used nope! not if the others have grease and i have cartridges. i also got sick of hand packing bearings and treated my self to a bearing packer that connects to a normal grease gun. less mess and no cuts to my hands. but the old adage is still true grease is cheap compared to parts and labour.
Last edit: 1 month 3 weeks ago by trainzkid88.

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