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Big stuck nut

1 year 1 month ago #239821 by beesbo
Replied by beesbo on topic Big stuck nut
1350 ft lb of torque??

SW Idaho

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1 year 1 month ago #239829 by trainzkid88
Replied by trainzkid88 on topic Big stuck nut
that the rough rule for final drive nuts on a d4 or so i was informed by retired cat field mechanic edb. 2 blokes, socket and breaker bar, 6ft pipe and lean on it.
its simple maths divide the force you need in ft-lbs by the length of your lever and apply the resulting answer to end of lever. a retired ships engineer showed me how it was done using a chain hoist and a spring balance(scale) hooked onto a length of pipe he said it makes it real easy to get things properly tight without having expensive torque wrenches or hydraulic torque tools or torque multipliers. and torque wrenches wont stay accurate with the pounding of the sea. and if you break it or the apprentice drops the bloody thing in the bilge either he's going for a dip in oily slop or you make do.

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