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OT..... AC HD41 Dozer

3 months 1 day ago #251099 by bplunk
OT..... AC HD41 Dozer was created by bplunk
In the early 70s Morrison Kunudsen had the dirt contract for a coal fired power plant here where I live. I got a job with them and they had 3 push cats. A D9 and two AC  HD41s. The 41s were new and when they were delivered to the job site they ask the old timer on the 9 if he wanted to trade for a 41. That was an insult to him. He stayed on the 9. I got to run one of the 41s and I liked it. Plenty of power and worked for pushing. I was on the night shift and we had been working in a cut and was down about 10-12 and the AC film team set up on the top of the cut and made a promotional film. When they were done one of them came down and gave me a HD 41 watch flob. I was young and really appreciated that. I still have it. Anyone else run a 41?

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