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New member considering saving a mid-50's D6-U for future homestead work

2 months 2 weeks ago #251375 by trainzkid88
some times it better to get a experienced operator with the right size machine to do the clearing for you as they have it done while you think about it.
the machine you need depends on the size of the timber.

you can remove trees quite effectively with a chainsaw too pile the cut up tree top around the stump and burn it when its dried out a bit. a little sump oil and diesel helps em burn.
its slow but you can more easily turn the log into timber without damaging it. you can also use a excavator to dig around the stump and then burn it out. or get a stump grinder to munch the stump into saw dust.

now the machine it self as it has water in the oil thats a big red flag and can get expensive quick same with water in the pilot engine. i would look for a different machine that one really is more a parts machine.

and actually i would have a look for a small excavator around a 3 to 5 tonne capacity machine would be more useful to you in my opinion. want to make a pad for a shed or a water tank or chook run. do fences well with a auger attachment digging post holes is easy. want to bury a water line or power line to the dam not a problem. want to place a culvert pipe for a gully crossing use the excavator.

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