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Water pump pully Lefthand thread?

16 years 1 month ago #3065 by grayrat
:confused: Got an RD4 4G2884 the belt was dry rotted so now I'm trying to get the water pump pully apart and it won't budge. I've tried penatrating oil and a tourch on this guy and it won't budge just melted all the grease out of the bearings. I put it in a vise and welded up a fitting so I could get a bite on it and @ 450ft # nothing. Is this guy left hand threaded?


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16 years 1 month ago #3070 by ccjersey
ought to move either way unless the sheave halves are bottomed out and touching each other, and then it will only go one way, looser.

Are you holding the fan hub and turning the part of the sheave that's just behind the fan hub?

The later type U series pulleys have the back half that unscrews, but in the earlier tractors, the front half of the sheave is what turns to adjust the belt.

D2-5J's, D6-9U's, D318 and D333 power units, 12E-99E grader, 922B & 944A wheel loaders, D330C generator set, DW20 water tanker and a bunch of Jersey cows to take care of in my spare time:D

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