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D-4 steering problem

16 years 1 month ago #3256 by ibrich
D-4 steering problem was created by ibrich
Dear group,

I have enjoyed reading the posts in this discussion group for a very long time but lately it seems there are less and less pictures attached. I love viewing other people's machines in any state and their shops. Now I have a problem with my brother's D-4 and have decided to attach some pictures of the tractor just because others might enjoying viewing them.

The machine is parked outside but canvas covered. From time to time it is started and run for a short period. It is stored in a small area and it can be moved forward and back about 20 feet. Long story short it won't steer, left or right. I tried to break the steering clutches loose by holding down a brake and pulling a lever then jerking the main clutch but no good.

I assume pulling the inspection plate under the seat is my next move. Any comments or hints would be appreciated.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best but I will take more while I am working on the steering.


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16 years 1 month ago #3258 by TractorDon
Replied by TractorDon on topic D-4 steering problem
Thanks for sharing the pics. Nice looking tractor. I enjoy seeing the pics of the Cats, shops, etc. How much travel do you have now in the friction levers?
Try over adjusting the frictions, to get max seperation of the discs. Then try your previously mentioned procedure again. If this frees up the frictions run it for a bit then adjust to specs. Depending on how bad things are inside, if it beaks loose you might need to adjust a few times as the rust gets burned off.
How did this problem come about? Sitting i suppose. Most of us have all been through this problem:D

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16 years 1 month ago #3268 by SSsssteamer
Replied by SSsssteamer on topic D-4 steering problem
How did it happen? On my D47U, it sat out in the rain for 20 years here in the Pacific Northwest and the D4 didn't turn a track during that time. The old owner finally died and I bought the D4 in his farm auction. The steering clutch housing was continually bathed in rain as water leaked in around the top cover and where else it could wick in. Fortunately, the drain plugs were left out so that the rain could pass on through. I did all of the routine tricks of trying to break the steering clutches loose, tying the steering clutch levers back and raming into stumps with the blade. Dropping the blade into the dirt while hitting the brakes while having the steering clutches still pulled back, all to no avail. I had to finally pull it all apart and I found that the steering clutches were rusted so bad that the steel plates were rusted over half way through and the friction plates had most of their lining rusted off of them. The local NC Machinery Cat shop happily rebuilt my steering clutches. They found some used parts and they also put in all new bearings while I had the clutch assembly out. All it took was money. :eek: I put it all back together and now it works great. It is a keeper. The D4 is just big enough to do any work needed on my 40 acre farm and yet is still small enough to park it inside and pamper it.:D When in winter storage, to keep the steering clutches from sticking again, I use my seat belt to tie the steering clutch levers back. I buckle the belt around them and then I pull the slack out of the belt.

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