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FS - D2 SN 5U7375 - West Penn Twp, PA $2500

3 months 4 weeks ago #229447 by Toolslinger2
Folks, I've got this machine listed on Craigslist, so I'm going to point you there for the photos, since I don't have my own photo hosting to get them linked here...

Craigslist Post

Here's the text, so you know what you're going to look at...

So... Here's the story... Unit is Serial Number 5U7375, which seems to put it as a 1952 machine.
My family bought this back in the 70's. They used it a bit, and then found the steering brakes, and clutches were shot. They didn't want to pony up the money to fix it, so apart from occasional times we started it, it has spent 40 years, more or less, in our barn. Best guess is it ran between 15, and 20 years ago.

Currently, the pony has no spark. Beyond that, it's free, and still cranks fine on the 6v battery. Fluids were all fine when I checked before pulling it out of the barn.

The main should be fine. Fluids are ok. Plan was to pull start it if the pony wouldn't kick. Unfortunately the main clutch is now stuck, so we decided to just let it go this way without potentially damaging anything.

Unit was pulled out, and up the hill. Seems like everything that should rotate on the tracks did. Track pins were stiff as you might imagine. It pulled just fine once we got it pointed in the right direction.

The undercarriage is in excellent shape. Rust, sure, but there's basically no wear. Chains/Rails are right at 3". Grousers on the track pads are right about 3/4".

Check out the photos, feel free to ask questions. I have more photos if you need to see something specific.

The machine isn't going back in the barn. If it doesn't sell, it goes to scrap. Don't bother asking for parts, I've got too much to do to consider parting it out unfortunately.  That said, it can sit out there as long as someone needs to pick it up.  

I'd rather see someone get this that needs parts, or wants a project. My availability isn't great out there currently, but I've got family across the street that can show you the machine with some coordination.

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3 months 4 weeks ago #229448 by neil
Hi Toolslinger, a fellow I know in the JD club has been looking for a D2 turns out, I'll contact him and see if he's interested. We're in Western NY so it's probably close enough for him


Pittsford, NY
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3 months 3 weeks ago #229558 by Toolslinger2
Machine is sold, and on to it's next life.


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