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1932 CAT Ten

1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #234275 by dozerdude
1932 CAT Ten was created by dozerdude
Ten is SOLD 

Tossing it out there on maybe selling my TEN.  We have owned it since 1995.  After it was built in 1932 the city of Chicago bought it and plowed the snow off the side walks with it.  They had some sort of makeshift blade on it somehow. That is why the pads on there are flat in the pictures.  It came that way from the factory with rubber vulcanized onto the metal pads.  The farmer we bought it from said that when he bought it from an auction in the city of Chicago and the rubber was on the tracks then.  He farmed with it and the rubber eventually feel off in the fields. It has a factory generator under the hood to run lights.  From what I've been told by some ACMOC members that those are very rare to find and are worth a lot.  It does not have the lights on the front and only one one the back.  This is one of the last models of TEN's they made.  There was only 20 made after this one.   I'll post some more pictures depending on the response I get.  I kinda of have an idea on the price but have not seen a TEN for sale for a while.  So I'm asking for help on pricing from you guys.  I do not need to sell so if someone does make an offer be reasonable about it please.  I've only ever seen 1 other Ten like mine with the rubber pads on it.  That machine is completely restored and looks great.  I believe the owner of that one lives in California.  I live in Michigan.                          
So I have some people offering to maybe purchase it but no offers.  Sorry but I'm not going to respond to everyone, so if you want to make an offer fine. I am still on the fence about selling it and also I have not had anyone say about what they are worth either.   We just don't do much with it anymore as far as taking it to shows and other stuff.  My 22 year son at one time wanted when I was done but now is thinking otherwise.  Sorry again to those who have emailed and wanted to me to email back or call them but unless I see some numbers I'm not going to waste my time.  Not trying to be mean about it I just don't know what there are going for anymore.  I'm adding a picture of the generator also.   
Last edit: 1 year 8 months ago by dozerdude. Reason: Sold Machine
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1 year 9 months ago #234314 by Moulding
Replied by Moulding on topic 1932 CAT Ten
sent you a pm , thanks scott .

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1 year 3 months ago #238677 by Jposey
Replied by Jposey on topic 1932 CAT Ten
Have you sold the tractor yet? If you still have tractor I may be interested in it. Thanks !

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