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Martin Hicks
Email: chapter27@acmoc.org
Phone: (204) 534-0714
John Muggli
Email: chapter26@acmoc.org
Phone: (406) 232-4032
Bryan Immink
Email: chapter25@acmoc.org
Phone: (616) 866-0412
William J. Boyle
Email: chapter24@acmoc.org
Phone: (210) 218-4672
Scott Moulding
Email: chapter23@acmoc.org
Phone: (801) 540-8011
Bryan Coulson
Email: chapter22@acmoc.org
Phone: (740) 312-5385
Queensland Vintage Crawlers and Machinery
Lance Jones
Email: chapter18@acmoc.org
Phone: 754414390

Southeast Australia
Neil C. Clydsdale
Email: chapter19@acmoc.org
Phone: 61260779224
Mid North Coast Vintage Crawlers
(Southeast New South Wales, Australia)

Trish Walker
Email: chapter28@acmoc.org
Phone: 0265436203
John Hahn, President
Email: chapter14@acmoc.org
Phone: (208) 924-5538
Richard Gilman
Email: chapter2@acmoc.org
Phone: 01732 522 153
Erik Christenbury, President
Email: chapter12@acmoc.org
Phone: (336) 339-3133
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Henry "Hank" Tavares, President
Email: chapter11@acmoc.org
Phone: (808) 573-1063
Midwest Smaller Crawlers
Betty Langeland, Secretary/Treasurer
Email: chapter4@acmoc.org
Phone: (815) 475-7153

Heartland Earthmovers
Kay Meeker, Secretary
North Henderson,IL
Email: chapter20@acmoc.org
Phone: (309) 464-5343
N. California Coast
Mike Hughes
Location: Northern California Coast
Email: chapter5@acmoc.org
Phone: (707) 864-1769

Cal-Sierra Tracklayers
Jess Gilbertson, President
Location: Sacramento Valley, Western Nevada, San Joaquin Valley
Email: chapter15@acmoc.org
Phone: (530) 308-0469
So. Cal. Vintage Crawlers
Mark Reierson, President
Location: Southern California centered around Vista Ca.
Email: chapter16@acmoc.org
Phone: (760) 533-0171

San Jose-Silicon Valley, California
Frank Portera, President
Location: Central Coast: Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, San Bentio, Monterey and Santa Cruz
Email: chapter17@acmoc.org
Phone: (408) 997-2901
California Oil and Ag Tracklayers
Peter Bloom
Location: South Central Valley and High Desert
Email: chapter21@acmoc.org
Phone: (661) 343-3691
Jim Clare
Monte Vista, CO
Email: chapter9@acmoc.org
Phone: (719) 850-0072
Dan Wilhelm
Email: chapter3@acmoc.org
Phone: (320) 262-6760
Al Engnes, President
Liberty, MO
Email: chapter1@acmoc.org
Phone: (816) 392-3330
Jordan Judas
Email: chapter7@acmoc.org
Phone: (319) 231-2777
Stephen Kurylo, Business Manager
Long Valley, NJ
Email: chapter8@acmoc.org
Phone: (908) 482-2883
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Hudson Biggs, President
Email: chapter10@acmoc.org
Phone: 64 3 454 3335
Marv Fery, President
Email: founders_chapter@acmoc.org
Phone: (503) 393-8237