Kansas/Missouri Black Land Dirtmovers North Star Crawlers New Zealand Illinois/Wisconsin Chapters Rocky Mountain California Chapters Classic Crawlers in Paradise Virginia, North/South Carolina/Eastern Tennessee Collectors of Antique Tractors Founders Chapter, Brooks, Oregon United Kingdom Inland Northwest Crawlers Australia Chapters High Desert Crawlers Old Iron Collectors Holt Collectors Club Great Lakes Crawlers Eastern Montana Clatter Tracks Canadian Classic Prairie Crawlers
Martin Hicks
Email: chapter27@acmoc.org
Phone: (204) 534-0714
John Muggli
Email: chapter26@acmoc.org
Phone: (406) 232-4032
Bryan Immink
Email: chapter25@acmoc.org
Phone: (616) 866-0412
Roby Whitehead
Email: chapter24@acmoc.org
Phone: (254) 319-1739
Scott Moulding
Email: chapter23@acmoc.org
Phone: (801) 540-8011
Bryan Coulson
Email: chapter22@acmoc.org
Phone: (740) 312-5385
Queensland Vintage Crawlers and Machinery
Lance Jones
Email: chapter18@acmoc.org
Phone: 754414390

Southeast Australia
Neil C. Clydsdale
Email: chapter19@acmoc.org
Phone: 61260779224

Milang Classic Crawler Club
Rod Lovell
Email: chapter30@acmoc.org
Phone: 61428747767
Mid North Coast Vintage Crawlers
Southeast New South Wales, Australia
Trish Walker
Email: chapter28@acmoc.org
Phone: 0265436203

Surf to Summit Tractors
Southeast New South Wales, Australia
Phil Rye
Email: chapter29@acmoc.org
Phone: 0264563109
Bruce Petty, President
Email: chapter14@acmoc.org
Phone: (509) 243-4329
Richard Gilman
Email: chapter2@acmoc.org
Phone: 01732 522 153
Erik Christenbury, President
Email: chapter12@acmoc.org
Phone: (336) 622-3063
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Henry "Hank" Tavares, President
Email: chapter11@acmoc.org
Phone: (808) 573-1063
Midwest Smaller Crawlers
Terry Welch
Delavan, WI
Email: chapter4@acmoc.org
Phone: (262) 215-4310

Heartland Earthmovers
Dave Tallon, President
Washington, IL
Email: chapter20@acmoc.org
Phone: (309) 303-7017
N. California Coast
Mike Hughes
Location: Northern California Coast
Email: chapter5@acmoc.org
Phone: (707) 864-1769

Cal-Sierra Tracklayers
Greg Shandel, President
Location: Sacramento Valley, Western Nevada, San Joaquin Valley
Email: chapter15@acmoc.org
Phone: (530) 518-9807
So. Cal. Vintage Crawlers
Mark Reierson, President
Location: Southern California centered around Vista Ca.
Email: chapter16@acmoc.org
Phone: (760) 533-0171

San Jose-Silicon Valley, California
Frank Portera, President
Location: Central Coast: Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, San Bentio, Monterey and Santa Cruz
Email: chapter17@acmoc.org
Phone: (408) 997-2901
Chad Enyeart, President
Laramie, WY
Email: chapter9@acmoc.org
Phone: (307) 760-8483
Dan Wilhelm
Email: chapter3@acmoc.org
Phone: (320) 262-6760
Al Engnes, President
Liberty, MO
Email: chapter1@acmoc.org
Phone: (816) 392-3330
Jordan Judas
Email: chapter7@acmoc.org
Phone: (319) 231-2777
Ken Johnson
Strasburg, PA
Email: chapter8@acmoc.org
Phone: (717) 687-0418
Hudson Biggs, President
Email: chapter10@acmoc.org
Phone: 64 3 454 3335
Marv Fery, President
Email: founders_chapter@acmoc.org
Phone: (503) 393-8237