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Former dealer mechanic Garry Cotton may not get around as much these days with his health deteriorating, but in his own words, when the chance to purchase a 212 slowly dying in a local quarry came up for $500 - "the money literally caught fire coming out his pocket so quickly"! Garry couldn't do the work himself, but friends Eddie Bedwell and John McQueen along with his brother Allan all chipped in get the No. 212 95C15 back up and running again. Believed to be an Australian built 1958 model this puts it as one of the very early Caterpillar of Australia (CofA) built graders. Current Cat motor grader Product Application Specialist, Darren Hodge, former CofA service trainer and ACMOC member Richard Honess and local dealer William Adams Product Manager Glen Slocombe and Operator Trainer John Merlo were all on hand to celebrate the 212's first outing. Congratulations Garry and team for this outstanding save. 


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