Thank you to those members that purchased their NHMA public liability insurance for $20, or let me know they already hold public liability insurance. I must say however it has been a very disspointing repsonse rate this year. Remember, if you attend and participate in any form of Chapter activity at a sanctioned rally or event, the Chapter does NOT provide insurance coverage as part of your ACMOC finanical membership. You MUST hold your own policy, failure to do so potentially exposes you and the Chapter in the event of an accident and claim. If you enter a rally as a paying public person, you CANNOT participate in Chapter activities and CANNOT operate machinery or enter any area outside of that designated public access. Honestly for $20 per year it is literally 'cheap insurance' and the Chapter offers to administer this for you at no cost. NHMA will accept additional isurance registrations throughout the year, so if you still want it please contact the secretary. 

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