Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club Scholarships

ACMOC is pleased to administer three scholarships in 2022. These scholarships are open to all ACMOC members, their children and grandchildren worldwide. One is the annual Antique Caterpillar Machine Owners Club Scholarship and the other two are memorial scholarships set up to honor ACMOC members who have passed.

ACMOC is proud to administer three scholarships this year - The Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club Scholarship, the Alan Smith Memorial Scholarship and the Glen Ghilotti Memorial Scholarship. All use the same criteria and application form. ACMOC will make scholarships available to individual according to the following guidelines, limitations and restrictions:

ACMOC Scholarship Criteria

  1. Applicants must meet the following criteria:
    1. Applicants must be aged 25 years or under and be members in good standing, children or grandchildren of members in good standing of the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club
    2. Applicants must be enrolled or accepted for admission at a 2-year or 4-year accredited technical school, college or university and maintain a 2.5 or above cumulative grade point average
    3. Scholarship awards are restricted to those students with an interest in agricultural studies, construction engineering, manufacturing or mechanical engineering or other heavy equipment industry fields of study
  2. Applicants must complete and return the scholarship application, along with two letters of reference, to the ACMOC office by posted deadlines
  3. Any individual(s) who are lineal descendants (i.e., child, grandchild, great grandchild and so on) of any current officer, director, or employee of the Club shall not be eligible for scholarships
  4. Recipients consent to have their name and likeness used in the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club Magazine, website and promotional materials at ACMOC’s discretion

ACMOC Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Scholarships must be used for tuition and fees or room and board at the recipient’s educational institution. Awards will be made on a one-time basis, with previous recipients allowed to reapply once a year until the age of 25.
  2. Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or state of physical handicap.
  3. Machinery ownership is not a requirement.
  4. To the extent reasonably possible, the Club shall pay all scholarships directly to the recipient’s educational institution and such educational institution shall agree to use the Scholarship funds to defray the recipient’s expenses only if the recipient is enrolled at such institution and his or her standing at such educational institution is consistent with the purposes and conditions of the scholarship.
  5. Scholarship amounts will be determined by the Scholarship Committee.

Application Process

  1. All application materials must be sent to ACMOC, Scholarship Committee, PO Box 9301, Peoria, Illinois 61612, USA. Applications must be postmarked by May 27, 2022.
  2. Applications should include:
    1. A completed application form.
    2. The most current available high school transcript and/or the latest official college transcript.
    3. Two letters of recommendation from non-relatives that address the suitability of the candidate for the award, nature and length of their relationship with the candidate, and contact information of the letter writer.

All materials submitted become property of ACMOC and will not be returned to the sender. Decisions of the ACMOC Scholarship Committee will be final.

Any awards made will be announced at the end of June. Each applicant will receive formal notice of the scholarship committee’s decision. Upon notice of award, the recipient will be asked to provide a current photo to be included when notice of award(s) are published in the magazine.

ACMOC Scholarship

ACMOC Scholarship

The Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club Scholarship was established as part of the Club’s mission to assist and educate its members and the general public to appreciate the historic role of Caterpillar machinery in shaping the world.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith Memorial Scholarship

The Alan Smith Memorial Scholarship was created by T. Bondurant French to honor his friend and found-ing ACMOC member Alan Smith who passed away in the fall of 2009.

Alan was said to have an “encyclopedic memory” about machines and engines. He enjoyed working on restoration projects with his brother, Paul Smith.

This scholarship is awarded on a one-time basis to an ACMOC member or the child or grandchild of a member who is interested in construction engineering, construction management, or heavy equipment stud-ies. 2014 was to have been the final year; however, the benefactor of this scholarship has graciously chosen to continue endowing this scholarship.

Glen Ghilotti

Glen Ghilotti Memorial Scholarship

The Glen Ghilotti Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the memory of long-time member and great friend of ACMOC, Glen Ghilotti, who passed away on March 25, 2018. His enthusiasm and support of the interests of the Club and the hobby and his endless willingness to help others was legendary. He was a patient instructor with new or inexperienced operators and took great joy in see-ing someone discover and master the finer points of op-erating a machine.

Glen’s impact on ACMOC, its members and so many others who have a passion for Caterpillar machines was broad. This scholarship was created because of Glen’s huge impact on so many. This scholarship is intended for recipients, be they male or female, who exhibit a degree of Glen’s passion and enthusiasm in their studies of con-struction, engineering, agriculture or related fields.

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