The Long Trains Roll by Stephen Meader (Soft Cover)

meader the long trains roll
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Not only an adventure story packed with thrills, this is also a book about railroads that will appeal to all railroad fans.

Through Calico Gap, one of the passes to the West through the Appalachian wall, runs a four-track rail artery, an important military objective for enemy sabotage. Randy MacDougal, youngest son in a family of railroaders, stumbled on the clues leading to such an attempt, followed them through with the aid of the railroad detective and the FBI, and averted a catastrophe endangering war transportation.

"Mr. Meader has succeeded not only in telling a good story but in conveying the stirring quality of railroads and railroading, that quality which, as he says, 'makes every man and boy breathe quicker at the sight and sound of a big locomotive storming down the rails.'"---New York Times.

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