Caterpillar: Modern Earthmoving Marvels

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Lifting, loading, hauling, heaving -- the mighty earthmovers of the Caterpillar company rumble over the earth, working with impossibly heavy loads in the harshest conditions imaginable. In Caterpillar: Modern Earthmoving Marvels, readers will witness the awesome power and overwhelming size of some of the most recognizable vehicles around, from the nimble 236D Skid Steer Loader to the mighty 795F AC Mining Truck.

But to see the achievements of today is to glimpse the strong, proud history of engineering in the past. Noted construction equipment historian Keith Haddock helps Raczon trace the history of many of the earliest models of the Caterpillar Company. Inside, you'll learn how the Caterpillar Diesel Sixty track-type tractor evolved into the D7E hybrid diesel/electric marvel of today, and why the Cat 7495 Electric Rope Shovel is a worthy descendant of the nineteenth-century Bucyrus 95-ton railroad shovel.

If you think you know Caterpillar, think again -- featuring over 200 vintage and contemporary photographs, this book traces the historical roots of the Caterpillar company, from the earliest diesel-powered tractors and loaders to the high-tech, hybrid-fueled vehicles of today.

Written by Frank Raczon with Keith Haddock. Foreword by Doug Oberhelman.

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