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Thread: Is the site slow lately?

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    Default slow loading or is it slow scrolling?

    After reading through this thread I will add this to the mix. I notice that even after a given page has completely loaded and all Internet traffic is at zero the page scrolling is painfully slow. Either scrolling up or down. This has been a feature for a while but I do not remember it from the initial upgrade. It is the BBS software however. On another board that I frequent they also had this painfully slow scroll effect and they are now running version 4.0.7 of the software and the problem is gone.

    It may be this slow scrolling that the other people are reporting as slow loading. Don't know but it is quite aggravating to say the least.

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    Oldnuc, thanks for that feedback. As Megan has said, Vbulletin is aware of some of the bugs that are resident in the software and they have been addressing them ongoing. It appears that the updates are reflected in 4.0.7. As you can see, we are running 4.0.3. If you'd like, send me a PM with the site that is running '07. I'd like a look at it.
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    Yes, we should get upgraded to the latest version. The changes between 4.0.3 and 4.0.7 are mostly invisible, but there have been many behind-the-scenes bugs corrected with each version.

    (Note: THESE upgrades would be very minor compared to that last huge jump we made.)
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