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Thread: Cat D6B Info please

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    Hello, Im new to the site. I recently purchased a Caterpillar D6B off a man that purchased it off my grandfather in the 1970s. My grandfather had many dozers over the years D2, D6 9U,D6B, D6C, couple of D8H's, and a D8K. But sadly over the years he sold them off long before i was born. He passed away a few years ago. So i took it upon myself to try and find one of his old dozers and make an attempt to restore it. I stumbled upon his old D6B by speaking to a few old fellas that knew him. The tractor is very rough but I only paid the price of scrap for it. I was able to fire up the pony motor but could not get the main engine to crank. Pulled the plug from the base pan and all that came out was black sludge, followed by antifreeze. I believe the head is split open due to the exhaust being cracked off at the manifold. So im going to haul out a Cat980H loader belonging to my uncle and push the dozer onto a float and haul it home. If anyone would be able to give me info on the dozer the serial number is 44A 8232. Id like to know the year of the dozer and a good place to get parts online. Ill post a few pics.
    Thanks Stephen
    Mount Carmel-Mitchells Brook-St. Catherines-20121118-01256.jpgDivision No. 1, Subd. W-20121118-01263.jpg
    Mount Carmel-Mitchells Brook-St. Catherines-20121118-01259.jpgDivision No. 1, Subd. W-20121118-01258.jpg
    Mount Carmel-Mitchells Brook-St. Catherines-20121118-01261.jpgDivision No. 1, Subd. W-20121118-01262.jpgDivision No. 1, Subd. W-20121118-01257.jpg

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    Still has the can on the exhaust pipe, so may not be so bad. Maybe head gasket, PC chamber or sleeve. Hope the water in the crankcase is not from a cracked head. D333 heads usually are hard to find. You won't know until you get into it though.

    We rebuilt one in a 12E grader that had a wrist pin fail after the oil pump locked up. That took a new block where the connecting rod beat the casting up! It had been sitting out in the weather in central Alabama for several years without the head and the remaining cylinders were STUCK! Got to try several tricks I have learned on here before it came loose.

    Good luck!

    Oh, where are you? Will help to recommend sources.
    D2-5J's, D6-9U's, D318 and D333 power units, 12E-99E grader, 922B & 944A wheel loaders, D330C generator set, DW20 water tanker and a bunch of Jersey cows to take care of in my spare time

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