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Thread: FS: D6 9U Pony Motor

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    Default 4600/ 318

    Is the pony the same on the older 4600 as on the 9U?
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    Almost the same except the D4600 has a different timing gear cover that mounts the magneto vertically where the D318 has the magneto mount and mag tilted to clear the intake manifold. The mags are different and the covers interchange.

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    Default pony motor conversion

    Where can I find info for the pony motor conversion? I have a D6 9U mid 50's that runs Gretchen I can get it started.

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    Smile Pony Motor has long been Sold

    Mr. AJ Gibson came up, cash in hand, and left with his pony motor long ago. I thought I indicated so, but apparently not. He probably has it running now.

    Quote Originally Posted by WayneB View Post
    Mr Gibson & I talked on the phone, and the pony motor is chained to my cherry picker for AJ to back into my shop and load it. He is supposed to drop by this week.
    Another gentleman wants it too, so likely the answer is no, at least for now.

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