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Thread: Common Machinery Maintenance

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    Thumbs up Master Link Pins

    When you need to pull Master Link Pins.
    A trick that seems to work is to remove the cork or broken bolt from the Taper Plug whichever the case maybe(I had both).
    Clean the threads with a bottoming tap.
    Flush with loose juice(I use KROIL).
    Blow it out with air.
    Take your Gas Ax, aim it into the hole of the plug to heat it.
    Squirt loose juice on it to cool it rapidly.
    Use a Socket large enough to sit on the Master Pin.
    Screw a NEW Grade 8 bolt that is long enough to use most of the threads in the hole with a couple of washers into the Plug.
    Turn it out, if it gets tight, hit the wrench with a hammer to help it jar as it turns into the plug.
    Heat around the base of the socket if necessary to expand the Master Pin.

    Heating the plug, then rapidly cooling it, makes it shrink, heating the pin with the bolt tension on it expands the hole diameter of the pin.

    You can feel it pull up tight, then go a little more you will feel the plug give as it moves.
    I had enough washers on to have at least 60% thread engagement.

    This worked for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny@wny View Post
    I have a D4D dozer that the breaks are not working are they in fluid or dry. Vin is D4D 82J3323 I have no idea what I am doing I need help in finding out what is wrong ?

    i don't have more experience in this field but i think D2D dozer have fluid in their breaks due to the high pressure and power, i have seen during the maintenance.

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