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Thread: !968 12 F blade lift mechanism

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    Default 1968 road grader 12 F blade lift mechanism

    I sure could use a little help! I managed to break the input shaft that goes into the blade lift mechanism, short small splined shaft that goes through a gear (part 7D 4519). Does the big housing have to be removed or will it slide out toward the very front of the grader?? I have drained the oil and removed the four bolt cover but it only comes back so far and then there is a distinct clunk like it us up against a retainer? My book does not explain well enough. Thanks in advance.
    Well i decided to pull it off and work on it on my bench. a good cleaning and couple of solid hits with the hammer and off it came. now to go find a input shaft.
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    Default Well Done

    Hi Tommy,
    well done getting the job done by using your own ingenuity.
    Eddie B.

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