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Thread: Chapter 12 Show at NCTP

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    Default Chapter 12 Show at NCTP

    Here are a few pictures of the most recent chapter 12 show which was held at the NC Transportation Museum.
    The weather was rather brisk with a low of 25 and a high of 50 and winds at a gust of 20 mph....but we still had a good time.
    Only one Caterpillar machine made an appearance but several ACMOC members did come by for a visit.
    The Class J N&W 611 was having steam excursions on that day and the next so a lot of people were on those trips.
    You may notice the the famous Confederate Texas General is now at the museum for a full restoration.
    here is a brief article about that
    and here
    and here
    More history of this famous engine

    Also we had a member bring an interesting find a "Caterpillar Big Band Album", i was not aware of this but apparently it is made up of caterpillar employees and they started in 1978.
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    chapter 12, I wish I could have made it, haven't been to Spencer in a long time.
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