I left my 1948 8U D6 alone over last year. This year, tried to start it; no success. Troubleshooting for a while. I had to replace the starter; New one worked, but would not start the pony. More troubleshooting took place. Eventually excavated through many layers of steel, down to get at the carb; could only pull the float out. Cleaned that out. Pony now will start, but will not get above an idle. As soon as I open the choke, engine dies. I suspect something in the carb parts I could not get to.

So, now I have a dandy lawn ornament, as I have no rational way to get at the rest of the carb. And no way to actually start the engine, otherwise.

Can anyone tell me how to find someone to just remove the D6? I live in the Seattle area. I am selling my property and cannot keep working on Tiny. He has to go. Any help, anyone??

Thank you,