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Thread: A Newbie Track Question on D2

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    Default A Newbie Track Question on D2

    Recently Garlic Pete explained to me the differences in the large vs small idlers and the long and short track frames. My question is whether the small idler always came with the short frame, or could the small idler be ordered with the long track frames? Pete explained that the longer five roller setups resulted in harder turns, more track wear and so on but delivered a more stable work platform. I imagine ag crawlers, which is the focus of my upcoming story for the April 2018 issue of Diesel World (out in February) most often came with smaller idler and short track frames... but you guys can tell me.

    That leads me to another question: Obviously on level ground, the large idler tractor is going to put more track on the ground and I wonder how much this might have added to drawbar power? Would have reduced ground pressure a little as well.

    All the pics I have seen so far of D2s in ag use are all small idler, 4-roller crawlers. In fact, while I have seen pics of larger roller D2 with dozer blade, I haven't yet see a five roller D2 image. No that I have seen all that may D2 pics so far.

    Anyway, I appreciate you guys getting me up to speed on Caterpillar stuff with, now and in the past.

    PS- Just now saw a five roller D2... it was a Traxcavator. Otherwise the only five rollers smallish Cats I see are D4s.
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