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Thread: Is something wrong with my phone pics

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    Default Is something wrong with my phone pics

    Ok, I never had any trouble with postings pics in the correct orientation until I got a replacement Samsung. Now no matter what I do I can't get a pic right, even if it displays everywhere else just fine, including on my phone!!
    I gave even tried turning the image in edit and posting the saved edit, it just does something else wacko.
    Help anyone???
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    I do not have the "real" reason your photos are flipped around other than there is some "Magic" about how you hold your phone when taking photos.

    On your phone it "knows" which way is "UP" and flips photos around as your rotate your phone.

    BUT when "actual" orientation as far as the "real world" is not what is stored on your phone.

    Unfortunately I do not have the answer but that is basically what is happening.

    I find that "problem" massive frustration also.
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    Default pic size

    hello , if your ph photo size is higher than they are wide I think this site flips them from portrait to landscape ,below is the max settings for photo , bruce

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