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    Hi AJ see you are still alive,had to laugh about that remark about telling the welder what rod to use when I started work with you back in the fifties one of the first jobs was to weld the cracks in the frame of a 955 loader that was cracked on both sides about level with where ones knees would be,I said to you what was the best rod to use and you replied you'r supposed to be a time served welder what rod to you think you should use,I told you and was wrong of course and you were not shy telling me so but then you surprised by by saying you did not expect me to know as welding on plant was totally different than anything else and only time and experience would teach me how and where parts of the machine came under more stress and strain than other parts you were a great teacher and what you taught me has stood the trials of time,there were no hydraulic excavators that time,all tracked loading shovels clearing up the bomb damage from the war,every thing falling to bits and no parts to do repairs,building up tracks and sprockets,rollers idlers a right B of a job,god did you hate that yard,when up in London last year I went to the dockland to call on you but I did not know the place all rebuilt for the Olympics,stopped by bar near there the guy did not know where you moved to but said it took several weeks for you to move all the money you got for the land saying it ran to seven figures,I found an old black and white photo of the mobile welding rig I use to use when with you I would say it was taken on Silvertown Way outside of the Flock In cafe in 1957,notice the welding cable left outside and the truck with the window open one would not do that now,lets meet up sometime for a drink for a chat about the old days.
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    Hi Tony,yes I am still with it but had a couple of bad years with some heavy surgery seven times in 2016 touch and go, had to have stints put in surgeon told me they were stainless steel and would last 100 years and I said as I was paying could I have the 200 year ones instead just in case, I have a new place, I will give you a ring next week as I don't like to discuss private stuff in public, I have your number at the office.
    Ps now I know where you went when I sent you out on a job the café, that old rig brings back memories

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