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Thread: Search exact phrase not one word

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    Default Search exact phrase not one word

    How can I search for a phrase, for example "D2 pony", and get that phrase results vs. words from that phrase results? I search for "D2 pony" and I get hundreds of either "D2" results or "pony" results, but none together. Thanks!

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    Default Search.

    I don't know for sure but I believe if you put your phrase in the search box in quotes, just like you did in your post above, the search will be for that absolute string of characters with spaces.

    The version of vBulletin we use just uses a standard Google search overlay, as most internet software seems to today. As such, all the standard Google search tools, including the use of quotes for absolutes will work.

    Here's a handy blog post with a number of useful search operators, including the explanation of using quotes for absolute searches.


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