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Thread: Twenty Five Manifold

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    Default Twenty Five Manifold

    Hi everyone,

    I know someone will be able to help me with this.
    I purchased a 1933 Twenty Five this past summer. The intake manifold tube between the carb and manifold itself is starting to rust out and big chunks are falling out of it, also the heat box is missing from it.

    Does any one have some good pictures of the intake setup on a Twenty Five, is it the same as what might be on a Twenty, a Twenty Two, or a Twenty Eight?
    I would like to replace the manifold and get the heat box for it so that its back to original. Do any of our friends making parts, make these for a Twenty Five, I realize its a rare request since there are only 638 of them built.

    I would even consider any information on some used stuff out there if you have.

    Thanks everyone
    Nathan Duncan

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    HI!! The Twenty Five used two different manifolds depending on the serial number of the tractor. 3C1-3C268 used the L/PL series manifold and air cleaner. 3C269 and up used the Twenty Eight style manifold with a few changes like the extension was part number 1A4928 on the Twenty Five and 1B8200 on the Twenty Eight. The front priming cup was also set up differently between the two. I am not going to say a thing on where to find a replacement.

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