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    Default d2 wide gauge 5u SERIES TRACTORS

    I have two D2 wide gauge 5u series tractors for sale. One has a dozer blade on it and this one will run. runs strong. Used it up to a year ago. The other one I bought for parts but a gentlemen came out and said they are both in good shape. the second one I was told ran but when steering clutches went out he parked it. The first one has an issue with pony motor, It runs but wont go into gear.. so I pull start it. the second one has a cable winch on it. Both these tractors are from the early fifties. I have the original sale receipt for the first one from when my grandfather bought it.. The gentleman that came out to look at blade said the undercarriages are in good shape on both of them with the first one being better. the doze blade is in great shape, hardly used. I used the first one primarily for ridging walnuts until I went to sprinklers.
    The gentlemen that came out to look at dozer said both these tractors are in good shape and should be desirable by collectors. He was very knowledgeable on caterpillar tractors. He only wanted the blade but said to much work to adapt to narrow gauge tractor. said sell tractor with blade would probably be my best bet. and the one with cable winch was used in logging.
    My numbers are 209-601-9668 cell or home 209-463-5633 Pleas call with any questions
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