Regarding the posts on Hitches and Stockton Gang Plows I think HC Shaw may have come out with the plows 10 years earlier than 1868 I have seen there standards, Wagner standards and the. LG Perkins standards that were heavier and that most later tractor plows used. As far as I know these companies supplied Parts most plows were built by blacksmiths and farmers. I know in the Mule days a lot of farmers if they had the money would have a 5 bottom 50 inch, to shallow plow in place of disking which we would do now, Later in the spring they would come back with a 4 bottom 40 inch and plow deeper for good summer fallow. The mule plows were usually ganged 20 inchs between standards and later plows were spaced out up 26 inchs they were a little better in trash , the mule plows had a swinging adjustable drawbar so as I was told they could keep there OFF side or right side mules in the furrow I saved 3 mule plows and I think I have enough lead bars for 12 or 14 head of mules. Every Stockton plow is made just a little different and has its own Personality. Hope this wasn't to long. 17afarmer