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Thread: New to me 1942 D2 5J6114

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    Default New to me 1942 D2 5J6114

    Well looks like I have joined in the addiction to antique iron! Just picked up this new 1942 D2 serial 5J6114. Runs like a champ but has a little stuff to be done to it... start brake clutch is stuck, and pony runs but only likes wide open with choke on, so going to pull it and get the carby sorted and a gasket refresh while I tackle the starting clutch. Already got some parts on order from Holt CAT in Pleasant Grove, who were awesome to deal with and stoked to looked up parts for me. Really wanting a winch for this beast, as I convinced the missus this is what we needed to clear the back side of our new house for fire season!

    Here are some videos of the boys first tractor ride (I could only post 1 video but there are 2 more on my channel, apologies for the quality but wife took on her phone!):

    Best regard, and thanks for being such an awesome community!


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    Welcome, you've come to the right place. When you have the carb off, we can help with how to get it straightened out so it will idle nicely and run at full power without choke, and start with a light pull on the rope.

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