Well my very reliable workhorse Twenty Two finally has had a breakdown. Such a shame that what is actually a simple spring can cause an issue that I regret having to tear into. Seems like the spring for the plunger that holds the 2nd - Reverse shift fork in position has failed and the gear will not behave. Locked up in two gears at once now twice. It is relatively easy to pop back into position but the hard part is the repair.

First of all, does anyone have a parts cat or dismantled tranny for that interlock plunger? It would be nice to have a spare ready to go in when I tackle the repair. Again, it is the 2nd/reverse side (on the right side of the gear case, looking forward)

If not, I will have to tear into it and figure out a new spring that will work. No biggie either way but this way does extend the down time.

According to my Fifteen manual, I can get the shift rod out without pulling the motor or gear clusters, but I may have to pull the seat, winch and PTO off the back in order to tap the guide rods forward and out. This also presumes I can reach into the clutch area through the top access cover for those lock bolts, etc.

Ho hum. And I was just starting a big pasture renovation job after having 50 or so big stumps ripped out.