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Thread: Magnetos, Goat motor air cleaner and carb for sale

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    Default Magnetos, Goat motor air cleaner and carb for sale

    I have some cat stuff rattling around in the barn that I should pass on to someone that might need it more than me.

    I have 3 magnetos, a carb that I think came off a D7 3T, and a NOS ail cleaner for D7 / D8 starting motors.
    Also not pictures I have one rebuilt D7 head for 3T series. A D2 head that is a take off from a U series. Also an Eichmann magneto somewhere and some D2 and D4 pony carbs...

    The magnetos pictures were running when parked... Probably need points now. They have been in dry storage for about 15 years now.
    Generators are take off from D7/D8 I believe. Starter came from a D6 engine in a dragline. Pistons and rods are from a D7/D8 starting motor. Message me if you are interested. I want $125 each on the mags plus shipping. Make offers on everything else.


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    I PM you. Call me when you can. Jonn

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    I also sent you a PM thanks Jed

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