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Thread: Vintage show at Durham, CA?

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    Becky Vintage show at Durham, CA?

    Did anyone from this forum attend the vintage show at the Patrick Ranch in Durham, CA?
    It was along Midway Rd. on Saturday. When I turned off of Oro-Chico Hwy. my heart just sank😿.
    I saw horse drawn plowing, my buddy Randallís former 9U farm CAT and some other stuff, and plenty of people having a great time from the looks of things. No fair! Lol. I had to keep trucking, otherwise the plant was going down due to lack of cherries 🍒. I heard from folks that they are building a new facility to house the old iron. Reminds me of a mini SM Ranch, with all of the historic buildings and displays they set up each year. They didnít have a harvest bee this year due to late weather. Ah, I long to play in the dirt!!! JM

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    Sad that I missed it this year, but they weren't sure the wheat was going to be ready in time for the event.

    Did they even harvest? I see Luke's pictures on Facebook and they were plowing with a lot of green weeds in the field and no wheat stubble.


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    Default Threashing Bee at Patrick Ranch

    I attended but has really down sized, only a fourth of what it was a few years ago. They didn't harvest the wheat, told
    it was not dry enough. I thought the most entertaining event was a tractor pull but using four draft horses.

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    Default Patrick Ranch

    We plan on harvesting the grain this Saturday the 29th of June. The 5A John Deere combine pulled by the D6 will do the threshing.

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